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Reflections on COVID – One Year Later

As we take a moment to catch our breath after battling COVID for more than a year, our staff is grateful that the numbers in Texas continue to trend downward. We have continually learned throughout this year and expanded our prevention and treatment…
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The effects that different foods can have on our health

Free Radials, Antioxidants, and Oxidative Stress   Do any of you remember the antioxidant craze that happened about ten years ago?  When I think back on it now, it is quite comical to me.  I was in my early twenties and someone…

What’s The Deal With Vitamin D And Zinc?

  Let’s be real…   Zinc.  Vitamin D.  Vitamin C.   We have all heard these words thrown around more than ever this year! In people’s quests to prevent and treat COVID-19, it has been a pretty common topic that…

Our Immune Systems and Vitamin C

Hi there! Welcome back! In our last post, we briefly discussed the measures our team is taking to help our patients address the coronavirus, COVID-19.  In that post, we mentioned that we highly recommend every person be taking Vitamin…