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Zinc.  Vitamin D.  Vitamin C.


We have all heard these words thrown around more than ever this year! In people’s quests to prevent and treat COVID-19, it has been a pretty common topic that zinc and vitamins C and D are believed to help.


We mentioned in our blog post regarding COVID-19 prevention and treatment that we highly recommend every person be taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.  In last week’s post, we discussed the immune system and Vitamin C in detail, so this week we are giving you a little more specific information about Vitamin D and Zinc.

You must read, understand, and follow these instructions to take GaviLyte-N the right way. Complete reversibility was seen after 4 weeks off-dose. When used in sepsis, the clinician must always balance potential efficacy with risk of inducing hemorrhage . Aubagio can cause severe liver problems, including liver failure.


Vitamin D, also known as the “sun vitamin”, is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin D is a unique vitamin in that it can actually be manufactured by our bodies with exposure to the sun, but even so, many of us remain deficient in it.  It has many roles in the body and assists with many different functions, including:

  • facilitating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for optimal bone health
  • acting as a powerful antioxidant
  • acting as a precursor to important hormones,


and specific to the immune system, it


  • acts a precursor to immune defending cytokines (molecules that mediate and regulate immunity and inflammation)
  • helps modulate and regulate the innate and adaptive immune systems by its actions on B and T cells
  • helps keep the immune system balanced


Vitamin D deficiency is associated with frequent colds and flu and an increased susceptibility to infection.



Zinc is the second most – common mineral in our bodies.  It is an essential element crucial for growth, development, and maintenance of immune function.  There is good evidence that zinc

helps shorten the duration of common colds caused by many different viruses including rhinovirus, coronavirus, infuenza, and many others.  The way zinc supports the body’s defense to these viruses is different for each virus, but for many of them it is shown to inhibit viral replication. This is also how many people believe it helps patients prevent and treat COVID-19.  It is believed to be especially effective when given with a cell opener (prescription or over-the-counter supplement).


Deficiencies in both Vitamin D and Zinc are very common, thus here at Heart and Soul, we believe it is very important for our patients to be taking both – not only to optimize their health, but also in attempt to prevent illnesses (including COVID-19).


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Vitamin D and Zinc supplements are available for purchase from our front desk staff, through Fullscripts available on our website or your local pharmacy. We recommend you purchase high quality supplements.


We also offer intramuscular Vitamin D3 injections.  These are great for people really wanting to optimize their Vitamin D levels or for those who do not want to take an oral supplement. You do not have to be current patient to participate in the injection protocol.


We are here, ready and excited to assist you wherever your needs lie. Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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