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For our first blog post, we decided we would address the elephant in the room.  You probably all know what it is, and we are asked the question very often…



“What Are Y’all Doing About COVID?”


We are thankful to report that our team has developed a well-rounded approach to COVID prevention and care. A few hot topics are covered below…



What about testing?


In our office, we offer both rapid (performed by our staff) and PCR (sent out for evaluation) testing.  The rapid test results are available in approximately 15 minutes while the PCR takes approximately 3 to 5 days.


As of 11.09. 20, we have tested a total of 244 patients with 13% being positive.





We offer prescription prevention and supplements for appropriate patients. Our team hosts Zoom meetings for current and non-current patients who reside in the State of Texas. In these meetings, you will learn about our different prevention protocols. The provider will review your current medication list and determine which prevention she determines is appropriate for you based on your risk factors.

Gastrointestinal problems: The presence of misoprostol in this medication is intended to protect against the damaging effects of diclofenac on the inside lining of the stomach wall. Statistically significant improvements in daily urinary frequency (p=0. Eculizumab injection is also used to treat a nerve and muscle disease called generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) in patients who are anti-acetylcholine receptor (AchR) antibody positive Natural Viagra. If you had a meningococcal vaccine in the past, you might need additional vaccination before starting SOLIRIS.


Regardless of which protocol is chosen, we highly recommend every person be taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.  In future blog posts, we will discuss in detail some of these supplements, the dosing strategy and why we believe you should be taking them!


As of 11.14. 20, we have placed 144 patients on our prevention protocol, with 100% success rate of prevention. We do not make any guarantees regarding success of our strategies for your particular situation.


We also have many patients on non-prescription prevention protocols and have had great success!



Support for COVID positive patients?


Our team is proud to say that we will assist any patient who has tested positive for COVID-19 residing in the state of Texas via telehealth.  The patient does not have to be a current patient – we can establish for COVID care only – and the patient does not have to be tested at our facility specifically.  Our team provides varying levels of support for patients which may include appropriate prescription and over the counter supplements depending on medical history and current medication list.  IV nutritional support is also available during the recovery period.


As of 11.14. 20, we have assisted 123 COVID positive patients. Of those patients, 95 have recovered, 28 remain active, and we have had ZERO deaths. 


Four of our patients have been hospitalized, but they all sought care after five or more days of symptoms and were not our patients on our prevention strategies.


Closing thoughts for today…



This is most certainly a time full of emotions that we are all trying to navigate through. As you attempt to care for yourself and your family during this time, a few things to remember…


-We know with COVID, early intervention is the key to success! If you think you have been exposed to COVID or are not feeling well, please do not wait to seek care.


-There are ways to improve your baseline health and your body’s own innate ability to fight all infections – sleep well and enough, be active, manage your stress, eat real and healthy food, enhance your prayer life, and fellowship with people who bring positivity to you.  Our bodies really are amazing when we fuel them well!


-We are here, ready and excited to assist you wherever your needs lie.  We are proud of the way we have been able to assist our patients during this pandemic and want to help as many people as we can!



Please contact our front office for more information about how we can help you.  We are even available after hours and weekends if you need us!

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